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[ann] oXygen XML Editor 17 bundles Saxon

George Cristian Bina-2

I am happy to announce that oXygen XML Editor version 17 is available
from our website

oXygen 17 offers includes the latest Saxon 9.6 Enterprise Edition and
helps you develop XSLT and XQuery, as well as XML Schemas, using the
Saxon processors for validation and transformations.

An interesting development in oXygen XML Editor 17, built on top of
Saxon, is the XML Refactoring support. This allows refactoring XML
documents using XQuery update, but we apply these operations in a "safe"
mode, trying to preserve the document content as much as possible. For
example the DOCTYPE declaration and attribute order is preserved during
a refactoring operation.
Here it is a short video demo that shows the how the XML Refactoring
tool can be used
Attend the "Refactoring XML documents" webinar to find out how you can
define your own refactoring actions

To discover the other 80+ new additions in oXygen XML Editor 17 please
see the release notes at

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
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