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Saxon performance - Java API

Steve Ylvisaker-IRS
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Forum: We are implementing a docBook to html process using the docBook 5.0 portfolio and Saxon9ee. We have made relatively minor changes to the vanilla docbook and have the process running successfully in a workstation/windows 7 OS environment. In that environment we process via the command line interface using a simple .bat file process. We are working with a relatively large 4,200 kb docBook file as a baseline. It processes in 4 minutes on a modestly outfitted laptop.


When we attempt to port this process to our Linux server environment where the processing of Saxon is accomplished with the Java API we experience a 32 minute processing time with this same file. A test on that same Linux server using a command line call in a shell script results in a much better processing time of ~3 minutes.


We have studied the thread of September/October where this issue was discussed and the Java developers thought they had made the necessary changes to resolve the issue. However, the improvement was only modest as this same file now processed in ~19 minutes.


We removed the xsl:strip-space element and noted that the resulting html file was unchanged – however - there was no impact on processing time.


Are there other threads that we should be studying to resolve this issue or are we looking at something new? Would the forum be willing to engage with us to try and resolve this issue? If so - what shall we provide?