Saxon-JS 0.9.1 release

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Saxon-JS 0.9.1 release

We're delighted to announce the latest public beta release of Saxon-JS
0.9.1. Details here:

Saxon-JS allows execution of XSLT 3.0 stylesheets in the browser. This
release works on Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as Safari, Firefox
and Chrome.

Saxon-JS is a run-time only product; you first need to compile the
stylesheet to produce an SEF ("stylesheet export file") using Saxon-EE
( or later for all features in Saxon-JS 0.9.1).

The product documentation at is itself a
Saxon-JS application. See the Change History section for details on new
features in this release.

For a list of bug fixes in this release, see the Saxon-JS project at We also welcome your
feedback here.

Also in this release is an XPath 3.1 parser, currently only available
via the xsl:evaluate instruction, but with its own JavaScript API coming

Debbie Lockett

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