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O'Neil Delpratt
Hi Martin,

Node.js is an interest technology that I never got around to trying out or needed to use. However, Saxon/C and node.js seems like an project worth pursuing from an XSLT prospective.

I have added the xsl-list and the Saxon mailing-list to this email to see if anyone from the XSLT community who has experience of using node.js would find this project of use and interesting. 

Kind regards,

On 6 Jan 2015, at 23:27, rimmartin <[hidden email]> wrote:

for nodejs I put some c++ glue together to make a V8/node module work with Saxon/C instead of Saxon-CE. Typical node code is

    var content = yield fs.readFile(global.inputXmlPath, "utf8");
    var saxonProcessor = new saxon.SaxonProcessor(false);
    var xsltProcessor = saxonProcessor.newTransformer();
    var pdbContent = xsltProcessor.xsltApplyStylesheet();
catch (err) {

Works like a charm. It is based on nodejs --harmony using the new yields and generators.

Would this be of interest to the xslt and node communities?

To do: I need to implement parameters and properties. Can readily add xquery processor as well.

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