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RE: Template rules validation problem in SaxonSA 8.5.1 (Michael Kay)

Thanks, Michael, for the explanation.  I now understand that
I hadn't understood the notion "unqualified" correctly, considering
it to mean "unprefixed" and not "unnamespaced".  Humbling.

There are some error messages like this where Clark notation would probably
be easier to read and maybe even help in understanding, although I might
not have made the connection in this case.



>> file:///C:/DevRoot/LssWorkingDirectory/BrokerXformEnv/../Broke
>> rSchemae/xslt/TFSMLToSgcibML-loansv34.xslt:
>>   The complex type TCT_CollV2 does not allow a child element named
>> allStock. The expression
>>   will select nothing, unless there is another type that
>> extends this one

> -----Original Message-----
> From: "Michael Kay" <[hidden email]>
> To: <[hidden email]>
> Subject: RE: [saxon] Template rules validation problem in SaxonSA 8.5.1
> Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 19:00:22 +0100
> Your schema allows element "{htp://defiml.TctML_colv2}TCT_CollV2" to have

> child element named "{}allStock" (that is, localName=allStock, in no
> namespace). And your source document has such an element. But your
> stylesheet contains the path expression
> allStock/@perInd
> which because you have written
> xpath-default-namespace="http://defiml.TctML_colv2"
> is interpreted as
> {htp://defiml.TctML_colv2}allStock/@perInd
> and this will never be matched. (I mistyped "http" as "htp" to stop
> Microsoft Outlook corrupting the text of the message. Must get myself a
> email client...)
> It's probably best not to use xpath-default-namespace if you ever want to
> refer to elements in the null namespace. You can however cancel the
> for a portion of your stylesheet by writing xpath-default-namespace="".
> example, the problem with your stylesheet disappears if you put this
> attribute on both the xsl:when elements.
> Generally in error messages I show element names (etc) using the "display
> name" - the lexical QName as it appears in the stylesheet. Where the
> is a mismatched namespace, this isn't very helpful. In some cases I'm
> displaying the expanded name in Clark notation - perhaps I should do that
> here.
> Michael Kay

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