Could not find a part of the path when local path contains special characters (like #) in .NET /Windows

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Could not find a part of the path when local path contains special characters (like #) in .NET /Windows

Terry Reese

I’ve been using Saxon.net and this has been a problem for me for a while, and I’m just wondering if there is a better way to approach this.  When I doing a transformation, I set the BaseURI like the following:


xsltCompiler.BaseUri = new Uri(sXSLT, UriKind.Absolute);


However, if the path contains any special characters, the process fails.  In my case, I have a file embedded in a windows directory with a #, and this value is turned into a hex value when saxon tries to find linked files in the style sheet.  So for example – say I have: 2 xslts, the primary and a linked xslt at:

C:\mypath\XSLT#\path\myfile.xsl and C:\mypath\XSLT#\path\myfile2.xsl


If I reference myfile2.xsl and use the code above to provide information on resolution, I get an error that says:


Could not find a part of the path at: c:\mypath\XSLT%23\path\myfile2.xsl



Is there any way to over come this.  For reference, I’m compiling against .NET 4 client framework – I’m using Saxon HE current via the package manager.  I’ve periodically found errors in how .net 4 escapes data versus .net 4.5 – so if that’s the problem, I may have a work around, but I’m stuck and just wanted to know if anyone might have a suggestion.






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